Parish Programs/Groups

Parish Council: Some members are elected (by the parish) and some of the members are appointed. They serve in an advisory capacity to the Pastor on all parish matters such as expansion, building, and programs. Liaisons with the various commissions. 

  • Contact: Fr. Mark Reyling  618-942-3114

Evangelization Commission: Distributes information, prayer materials, coordinates funeral dinners, etc.

  • Parish Council Liaison:  Brandon Trapp  

Welcoming Commission: Plans and executes parish activities involving refreshments such as RCIA, after/between Masses (i.e. Pentecost refreshments, Doughnut Sundays). 

  • Parish Council Liaison:  Don Guebert

Liturgy Commission: Decorates the church for special feast days and seasons like Advent, Lent, and Easter. 

  • Parish Council Liaison: Ryan Farley, President

Wellness Commission

  • Parish Council Liaison: Mary Holloway

Education Commission:

  • Parish Council Liason:  Kevin Hostetler

School Board Commission:

  • Parish Council Liason:  Marlyn Cairatti

Social Justice Commission:

  • Parish Council Liason:  Liz Issler

Finance Commission:

  • Parish Council Liason:   

Youth Commission:

  • Parish Council Liason:   

Spiritual Life Commission:

  • Parish Council Liason:  Rick Lynn

Cemetery Commission:

  • Parish Council Liason:  Mike Eisenhauer 

Maintenance/Facility Commission:

  • Parish Council Liason:  Dan Hagler


School Board: Elected by the members of the parish, advises the pastor on matters concerning the school. 

  • Contact: Principal Jason Swann, 618-942-4484


Youth Ministry: Help is always appreciated. Visit the Youth Ministry menu tab for more information.

  • Contact: Jocelyn Popit


Choir: Choir practices regularly, sings at least once a month on a schedule, and at various feast days or liturgical celebrations. 

  • Contact: Victoria Protsman 
  • Handbell Choir: Victoria Protsman 


Lectors: Read at Masses 

  • Contact: Joy Fernandez 


Daughters of Mary: Women’s social club which funds various activities.

  • Contact: Janet Jensen 


Knights of Columbus: Men’s social and fraternal organization. Raises funds for the church and school. 


Daughters of Isabella: Women’s social club which funds various activities (i.e. runs bingo at KC hall on Wednesdays).

  •  Contact:  


RCIA: child care volunteers, sponsors, refreshments. 

  • Contact: Cynthia Bowling, Matthew Bowling, or Fr. Mark Reyling, 618-942-3114 or


 Respect Life Ministry:  To promote the sanctity of life from moment of conception to natural death.  

  • Contact:  Sally Campbell 


Girl Scouts

  • Contact:  Beth Walker 


Boy Scouts

  • Bobbie Banks